In November, Mophradat organized an advanced dramaturgy workshop for female choreographers led by Brazilian dramaturg Carolina Mendonça in Athens. The workshop delved into the subject through collective conversations, theoretical investigation, and an in-depth look at each participant’s practice, all while engaging with different dramaturgical voices and a plurality of gazes. The five workshop participants were Manal Tass (Morocco), Noura Seif and Salma Abdel Salam from nasa4nasa (Egypt), Noor Abed (Palestine), and Samaa Wakim (Palestine).

Carolina Mendonça is a dramaturg and curator interested in the contamination of knowledge and in being vulnerable to different logics. Her latest projects include Zones of Resplendence (2023), Sirens (2021), Pulp: History as a Warm Wet Place (2018), and useless land (2018). 

Manal Tass is a feminist dancer and choreographer with a background in contact improvisation, theatre, contemporary dance, and somatic practices. Her work investigates how dance and performance can be a political and healing pathway for individual and collective transformation for both human and nonhuman life.

nasa4nasa is a dance collective based in Cairo co-founded by dancers Noura Seif and Salma Abdel Salam in 2016. Housed primarily on Instagram, the collective’s work explores image-making and online presence as their ongoing dance practice. 

Noor Abed works at the intersection of performance and film. Noor’s work has been screened and exhibited internationally. In 2020, she co-founded, with Lara Khaldi, the School of Intrusions, an independent educational collective in Ramallah, Palestine.

Samaa Wakim is a performer, choreographer, and cultural manager based in Palestine. She participated in various local and international productions, and is part of the production managing team of the Haifa Independent Film Festival 2019 & 2023 and a member of Yaa Samar! Dance Theater (since 2014) and Khashabi Theatre (since 2008).


This workshop is part of our project “Future Acts,” which is partially supported by the Federal Foreign Office, Germany.