The artists invited for residencies at BUDA Kunstcentrum in Kortrijk, Belgium, following the 2022 open call for Art Time Residencies, are:

Amina Abouelghar (b. 1997, Egypt), who will be in residence with Swiss-Iraqi musician Laure Beatris to finalize their upcoming collaboration Young Dreams, to be performed at the 2023 edition of NEXT Festival. The performative work questions remembrance and reminiscence, where both artists meet to investigate their personal and family audio-visual archives. Intimate memories from childhood and homelands emerge, interweaving narratives and stories through embodied images and soundscapes.

Ibrahim Abdo (b. 1988, Egypt), who will be in residence with performer Ahmed Maraaie to continue developing their project Another Solo – a dance work experimenting with a creative choreographic practice that goes beyond authorship dynamics between choreographer and dancer. It explores new ways of dealing with inner fears and the vulnerabilities of the body.