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In order to develop an art practice — an ongoing process of production based on conceptual and formal investigation — artists need time, stimulating input, access to technical skills, conversations with peers, and exchange with audiences. To facilitate these evolving processes, Mophradat has introduced a revised version of what was the Grants for Artists program to include two components: first, providing artists with a flexible grant that can be used towards their livelihood, ongoing research, and/or the realization of a particular proposal; and second, connecting the participating artists with their peers (from the selection committee) with whom they would engage in a structured dialogue over three sessions throughout the grant period.

For each edition, the program provides approximately ten grants of either US$2,500 or US$5,000 covering periods of research, residencies, production of new work, curating and presenting shows, amongst other forms of artistic work. The program is only open to those interested in an ongoing conversation with the professional peers that Mophradat is engaging for this purpose.

Specific eligibility criteria

In addition to complying with the general eligibility criteria that you can read here, please note the following:

  • Artists must be able to demonstrate their engagement with a specific project that they are developing.
  • Artists’ working methodology must be compatible with a progressive and inclusive approach to work.
  • Artists must have previously completed art works and be involved in an artistic scene.
  • Institutions are not eligible to apply but artists can apply to develop, collaborate, or present a project with an institution.

The proposal must have a clear intended outcome, whether practical, intellectual, or philosophical.

  • The proposal must be achievable within twelve months of the grant submission deadline.
  • The program does not cover production and post-production projects for feature films, producing LPs, degree-based study programs (such as MAs or PhDs), nor literary projects, which are notably eligible for the Writing Sabbaticals program;
  • Aiming for balanced professional relationships, Mophradat does not support applications to cover the costs and fees of artists invited to run a workshop, administer, or curate projects in Europe or North America that fall under categories of (temporary) employment in those contexts, and should be covered by those hosts’ institutional budgets.


  • Once applications are deemed as having fulfilled the program’s general and specific eligibility criteria, they are evaluated and selected by a group of peers. The peers’ names are communicated after the program recipients are announced.
  • All applicants, whether selected or not, receive a response to their applications one month after the application deadline.
  • Upon selection, the program participants will sign a grant agreement with Mophradat.
  • Selected artists participate in three follow-up conversations organized by Mophradat during the course of the grant.
  • Funds will be released in a two-stage process: 90 percent when the grant agreement is signed and the remaining 10 percent upon project completion.
  • A narrative and financial summary describing how the proposal developed over the grant period must be submitted by the end date of the grant agreement.

*Please note that due to the high volume of applications and the confidentiality of the selection process, Mophradat cannot provide individual feedback explaining why an application was not selected.

**By applying to this program, you agree that, if selected, you will endeavor to realize your proposal. If the proposal is not realized to an appropriate level of completion within the agreed-upon timeline, you may be asked to partially or fully reimburse Mophradat.


You can read the frequently asked questions about this program here.
For any questions, please email grants [at] mophradat [dot] org.

Grants for Artists’ Practice is implemented with the support of Mophradat’s institutional partners, and with additional support provided by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Flemish Government.