FAQ – Grants for Artists’ Practice

When can I apply for the Grants for Artists’ Practice?
We aim to launch one open call in the fall of each year. However, to be better informed when the call for this program opens, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter through our homepage or follow us on social media.

Is the nationality of the applicants a criterion?
This program is designed for artists or collectives from and in the Arab world who relate to this part of the world as “home.”

Can I apply again if I was not selected?
Yes, but we encourage you to apply with a different project. 

Can I still apply for other Mophradat programs even if I already received a grant?
Yes, but only if they do not overlap. For example, if you received a Grant for Artists’ Practice for the development of a dance performance, you can’t apply for an Art Time Residency for performers to work on the same project.

Can I apply with two different projects/applications for the same practice within the program?
Yes, but we receive a high number of applications and the selection process is extremely competitive; it would thus be unlikely that both your projects are selected.

Can I apply with a project that has already started?
Yes, as long as you can clearly demonstrate how the project with which you are applying contributes in a meaningful and generative way to the development of your practice.

How many applicants are selected for each round?
Around ten applicants, but we hope to support more in the future.

What can the Grant for Artists’ Practice cover?
The Grant for Artists’ Practice provides a flexible financial support that can be used towards livelihood, ongoing research, and/or the realization of a particular proposal, as long as it serves developing your practice.

Are the expenses of a Bachelor’s, Masters or Ph.D. programs eligible for any of Mophradat’s programs
No, Mophradat do not offer grants for degree-based programs. However, it is possible to apply for this program for short-term or intensive educational activities such as participating in a workshop that allows you to reflect on your practice, learning a new skill or acquiring certain knowledge in a specific field if you are looking to make a shift in your practice.

Is touring, traveling to events or for research, or attending residencies eligible as projects within this program?
Yes, as long as you can clearly demonstrate how the new project you are applying with contributes in a meaningful way to the development of your practice.

Is the production of a music album or a commercial LP eligible for this program?
No, Mophradat does not support commercial activities. However, other music proposals are eligible as long as you can clearly demonstrate how they contribute in a meaningful way to the development of your practice.

Are filmmakers eligible for this program?

As a writer, am I eligible for this program?
No, because you can apply to our Writing Sabbaticals program instead.

Are applications written in English more likely to be selected than those submitted in Arabic?
No, the selection is based solely on the merit of the application and are assessed by bilingual advisors.

Can I know why my application was not selected?
Due to the high volume of applications and the confidentiality of the selection process, we do not provide individual feedback explaining the reason an application was not selected.

Are artistic collectives eligible for this program?