When can we apply for the Self Organizations program?
We invite you to register to our newsletter or follow us on social media to be informed when the call for this program will be open.

Is the nationality of the applicants a criterion?
No. However, this program is addressed to groups of art practitioners from and in the Arab world or who feel that they identify with this part of the world as “home.”

We are a group of arts practitioners from the Arab world and our project will be realized outside of our home country. Are we eligible to apply?
Yes, though the priority will be given to proposals taking place within the Arab world.

Can the application be in the name of one person?
No, the Self Organizations program aims to support projects lead by groups or collectives.

We are a registered non-profit organization, institution, or company. Can we apply for the Self Organizations program?
No, the program’s purpose is to provoke inventive ways of working and collaborating between individuals outside of institutionalized structures.

We are an informal group/collective of arts practitioners who have already worked together.  Can we apply for this program?
Yes, as long as you can clearly demonstrate how the new project you are applying with contributes in a meaningful and generative way to how the group is self-organizing.

If we have received a grant from another Mophradat program as individuals, can we still apply as a group for the Self Organisztions program?
Yes, but only if the programs do not overlap in time and the projects do not overlap in content.

Can we apply again if we were not selected?
Yes, though we encourage you to apply with a different project.

Can we apply with a project that has already started?
No, this program is not about solely finalizing a project or developing an existing program or initiative but also focuses on supporting inventive ways of working together.

In the category “Your Ideas”, can we apply to produce a collective artistic work?
Yes, as long as you can clearly demonstrate how your project contributes to reflecting on how to work together and share resources.

Can we realize a different project after being selected?
No, the selection is done based on the project submitted in the application.

If we already participated in the program, can we apply again to further develop the project that we initiated?
No, continuing with a previously selected project and supporting the same group falls beyond the scope of this program.

Are applications written in English instead of Arabic more likely to be selected?
No, the selection is based solely on the merit of the application submitted and are assessed by bilingual advisors.

Can we find out why my application was not selected?
Due to the high volume of applications and the confidentiality of the selection process, we don’t provide individual feedback explaining why an application was not selected.

After selection, is changing a participant (by replacement or withdrawal) in the initial group possible?
No, unless agreed upon by the entire group. We expect commitment from the group to their project as part of the working-together dynamics that this program is interested in fostering.