Art practices find their grounding and meaning only when they are presented and shared. With this in mind, we have developed different programs over the years to make this process possible. We believe that addressing audiences in the region and internationally, as well as sharing amongst peers, are necessary to generate a dynamic and maturing artistic community. Therefore, the programs we have set up work to establish different levels and formats for exchange: Accomplices is an opportunity for a new generation to meet and find its language and affinities; Consortium Commissions is a model by which international institutions form a network of support for Arab artists, and prominently showcase their work; Orbitals is a chance for upcoming curators to create professional relationships with peers in unfamiliar locations and have new regional curatorial exchanges; Artists Fellowships is a chance for younger artists to learn from more experienced professional peers; we also enjoy organizing events ourselves, thinking curatorially and working hands-on with artists and meeting publics. And, we also to contribute to the critical thinking around subjects of relevance to the region’s art scene by disseminating ideas through publishing online and in print.


Working with us

When applying to any of our open calls, please note that your application must:

  • Be free of any intention to promote intolerance, violence, patriarchal worldviews, or any form of discrimination based on ability, age, gender, nationality, origin, race, religion, or sexuality;
  • Not contradict Mophradat’s mission and values, which you can read here;
  • Be for a contemporary arts activity (all disciplines are welcome);
  • Be complete (all documents requested are submitted) and meet the specific criteria related to the specific open call to be eligible for consideration by the external advisors, who then determine which applications to support;
  • Involve no commercial activity or organization;
  • Be ambitious.