Art Time Residencies: Performance

2020 Residency at BUDA Kunstencentrum/NEXT Festival

The artist Bint Mbareh was invited to our Art Time Residency for performing artists at BUDA Kunstencentrum, followed by a show at NEXT Festival.

For the Art Time Residency, Bint Mbareh explored death as an omnipresent means of transcendence and as a challenge to stagnation. Is death always in the future? If we become less resistant to it, perhaps we can communally accept it as part of our present. Versions of ourselves die on a daily basis. By ritualizing death through serenading the archetypal death doula, the mushroom, Bint Mbareh plays with the time in between now and when we die, tempting it closer. The aim is to collapse this time by serenading her mushrooms and coaxing them into consuming the world.

Necromance the Future, a solo performance by Palestinian artist Bint Mbareh, will take place at Kunstencentrum BUDA as part of NEXT Festival in Kortrijk. The performance draws connections between the iron-laden fiery personality of the planet mars, and its invigorating revolutionary relationship with the archetype of Scorpio on the one hand and abundant, lush, luxurious rites of spring and expressions of joy in the prophet Moses’ festival processions in Palestine on the other hand, as facilitated by the world’s most loved resurrect

Bint Mbareh (Palestine, b. 1995) is a performer and ethnomusicologist curious about sovereignty over sonic space as a communal resource. Her most recent research was an exploration of how rain-summoning song and ritual in Palestine acted and may continue to act as a ritual of time-bending.