Inas Halabi’s exhibition, After the Last Sky, opened at de Appel (Amsterdam) in March 2023 as part of the second edition of Mophradat’s Consortium Commissions 2020/2022.

Inas Halabi
After the Last Sky
Opening: March 31, 2023, from 6pm to 9pm
April 1 until June 4, 2023
de Appel

Following a first iteration at the Showroom in London in 2022, Inas Halabi’s exhibition After the Last Sky centers around the visible and invisible slow violence in the landscape. It invites questions about the ways in which violence is represented and perceived in the image, and whether we can trust images. The works address different regions mired in colonial violence, attempting to reveal how a landscape and soundscape reflect the dominant political power, as well as the struggle and resilience of the communities subjected to it. You can read more about Inas’ work and the exhibition at de Appel here.

Inas Halabi (b.1988, Palestine) is a visual artist and filmmaker. Her practice is concerned with how social and political forms of power are manifested and the impact that overlooked, or suppressed, histories have on contemporary life. She holds an MFA from Goldsmiths College in London (2014) and completed the De Ateliers artist residency in Amsterdam (2019). She lives and works between Palestine and the Netherlands.