What’s Your Favorite Tool? at CiC in Cairo

On December 20, 2017, and to mark the publication of the book of interviews, These are the Tools of the Present: Cairo — Beirut (Mophradat/Sternberg), responses were invited to the question:“What’s Your Favorite Tool?” from novelist, translator, and editor Nael Eltoukhy, filmmaker Nadine Khan, political ecologist and environmental educator Pam Labib, and curator and writer Francis McKee, against a backdrop by Nile Sunset Annex.

Nael Eltoukhy’s novel Women of Karantina (Merit/AUC Press) was published in 2013, and Out of the Gutter is forthcoming from Al-Karma. He translates from Hebrew to Arabic, most recently Almog Behar’s novel Chahla and Hezkial (Kotob Khan, 2016). He is currently opinion editor at Mada Masr.

Nadine Khan is a filmmaker (including One in a Million, 2006, and Harag w Marag, 2012) and a television director (Sab3 Gar, 2017) living and working in Cairo.

Pam Labib is “mad” by genes, political ecologist by training, environmental educator by accident, and anarchist feminist by practice: “I live in a world of make believe that I don’t make; in a world that hates who and how I love, all while its ecological stable states are falling apart.”

Francis McKee is an Irish writer and curator. He is director of CCA Glasgow and a lecturer and research fellow at Glasgow School of Arts, working on the development of open source ideologies and their practical application.