What’s Your Favorite Conspiracy Theory? at CiC in Cairo

On December 19, 2017, as a tribute to Francis McKee’s book How to Know What’s Really Happening (Kayfa Ta/Mophradat), responses were invited to the question: “What’s Your Favorite Conspiracy Theory?” from filmmaker, curator, and writer Alia Ayman, artist Rana ElNemr, sound artist Yara Mekawei, and curator and writer Francis McKee, in the presence of a painting by Mona Marzouk.

Alia Ayman occasionally makes films/videos, often curates (mostly at Zawya), and sometimes works on a mysterious dissertation for her PhD in anthropology at New York University.

Rana ElNemr is an artist who works primarily with photography, but also engages text, film, sound, and sculpture. She is a cofounder of the Contemporary Image Collective.

Yara Mekawei is a Cairo-based electro-acoustic music composer and sound artist. Her sonic bricolages draw inspiration from the flow and infrastructure of urban centers.