Survival in the Afterlife

Survival in the Afterlife is Lydia Ourahmane’s solo exhibition, Survival in the afterlife, at Portikus in Frankfurt am Main, presented as part of the second edition of Mophradat’s Consortium Commissions (2020/2022).

Lydia Ourahmane
Survival in the afterlife
Opening: December 3, 2021 at 7pm
December 4, 2021 to February 20, 2022

Survival in the afterlife is a site-specific installation that presents archival material produced alongside the constitution of a spiritual community founded by the artist’s family during the Algerian Civil War (1991–2002). Embedded in a sound composition titled Notice the direction of fires, which was produced in collaboration with musicians Yawning Portal, the exhibition speaks about space as resistance and forms of hospitality. The exhibition is curated by Christina Lehnert.

A first iteration of the exhibition was presented at De Appel, Amsterdam in fall 2021.

Lydia Ourahmane (b. 1992, Saïda) lives between Europe and North Africa. Since her graduation from Goldsmiths University, she has been continuously testing the possibilities of charging and converting the elements of the physical world as they move between borders, generations and dimensions. Lydia’s evolving research and practice continue to raise key questions about the connections between spirituality, contemporary geopolitics, migration, and the complex histories of colonialism. Her recent exhibitions include Barzakh at Kunsthalle Basel (2021), Solar Cry at the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art (2020), and Homeless Souls at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (2019).