Sarah El Miniawy, Ayt Ali Zekry, Sabrine Insaf Bou Mdhel, Leila Borsali, Leila El Kebir, Rafik Ben Hamed, Rafik Merzouga, Saïd Gaoua, Saliha Ouid Moussa

The Egyptian/Algerian music promoter Sarah El Miniawy will work with this group of Algerian musicians that came together after a shared experience at a workshop on new music development run by Palestinian musician Kamilya Jubran. The musicians will work collaboratively to further explore the genre of Andalusian music, its history, characteristics, and contemporary possibilities. Through a year-long series of collective and individual practice, composition and production sessions, resource and equipment sharing, the musicians aim to share their experience with contemporary forms of the genre while creating a space for discussion, analysis, and focused work with and around it.