Disguise as Dancefloor

Disguise as Dancefloor is Joe Namy’s performance that premiered at Portikus (Frankfurt am Main), as part of the second edition of Mophradat’s Consortium Commissions 2020/2022.

Joe Namy
Disguise as Dancefloor
February 5, 2022, from 4 to 5pm

Disguise as Dancefloor is a performance, a sculpture, and a research project. It links sound and alchemy in an exploration of the subversive role of the low end and its effect on the body–extreme frequencies for extreme times. The performance is grounded by an absorbent copper tuning platform: a site-specific outdoor scenography creating and capturing situations for gestures and tones to mingle in a confluence of vibrations. Disguise as Dancefloor is performed live by Joe with the dancer Emmilou Rößling. You can read more about Joe’s work and upcoming performance at Portikus here.

Joe Namy (b. 1978, Lebanon) is an artist, educator, and composer. He often works collaboratively at the intersections of sound, video, performance, and sculpture.

A second iteration of this performance would be held at the Renaissance Society in Chicago this spring.

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