At Home With the Kids

is a summer retreat for artists and their children launched in 2021, and two artists were invited and hosted for three weeks.

Specific eligibility criteria

  • The main applicant must be from or have origins in the Arab world;
  • They must be a professional working artist, writer, or curator, and working on a specific project;
  • They must be at present a primary (co-)caregiver and planning to travel with no more than two children under the age of five who will join them in residence (due to space and logistical constraints, we anticipate only being able to accommodate family units of maximum two caregivers and two children);
  • They must have an interest in communal living, including sharing, compromising, and contributing to everyday household responsibilities;
  • Sharing a common studio rather than a private workspace should be compatible with their practice.


  • Applicants are evaluated and selected by Mophradat once the application is confirmed to have fulfilled the program’s general and specific eligibility criteria. 
  • All shortlisted applicants will be interviewed prior to the final invitations.
  • All applicants, whether selected or not, receive a response to their applications one month after the application deadline. If selected, a residency agreement will be signed between the resident and Mophradat.

Two art practitioners and their families participated in the pilot edition of  “At Home With the Kids,” in our venue, a summer retreat for artists and their families to live together, where artists can work and children can play, in an experiment in communal living.

In cooperation with Allianz Kulturstiftung.

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