Art Time Residencies: Curating

2019 Capacete, Rio de Janeiro

Ali Hussein Al-Adawy (Egypt, b.1985) completed a three-month residency at Capacete, from April 1 to June 30, 2019. He is a curator, researcher, editor, writer, and critic of moving images, urban artistic practices, and cultural history from Alexandria. He curated a number of film programs and seminars such as Serge Daney: A homage and retrospective (2017) and Harun Farocki: Dialectics of images…Images that cover/uncover other images (2018). He also curated, together with Paul Cata, the exhibition The Art of Getting Lost in Cities: Barcelona & Alexandria (2017). He was one of the founders of Tripod, an online magazine for film and moving images criticism (2015–17) and was part of the editorial team of TarAlbahr, an online platform for urban and art practices in Alexandria (2015–18).

Capacete is a residency program in Rio de Janeiro that has been active for 20 years, aiming to set up situations and develop strategies that offer concrete and real alternatives to the unstable field of art. The 2019 program was guided by the theme of “Reconstructing the Senses” to find collective ways of inhabiting a world in which veiled and explicit violence and expropriating dynamics dominate. Activities concentrate on the self-management of the Capacete space and on collectivity as a mode of research and of care and knowledge.