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  • Momtaza Mehri, Black Gulf/s, video still, 2020. Image: the artist. Image shows Kuwaiti singer Aisha Al-Marta's song Mansiyah recorded for the project.
    Mohamad Abdouni, Treat Me Like Your Mother: Trans* Histories From Beirut’s Forgotten Past, 35mm photography, 2020. Image: the artist.
    A portrait of Fajr Soliman while playing.
    OPPA, The Poisonous Eye, Research Material, Ain Ghazal Archaeological Site, 2020
    Exhibition view of #ThisWillHaveBeen; Archives of the past, present and future, curated by Locale in Khartoum in 2019.
    Kinda Hassan and Karine Dumont, Sonic Mirage, 2020. Photo credit: Kinda Hassan.
    Karim Kattan’s research material for the writing of his new novel, 2020.
    Areej Huniti and Noor Abed’s performance a/ delayed letter /s, 2019
    Fana' Collective, Suspension of Infrastructure, b/w photograph, 2019
    Huda Asfour. Photo credit: Dima Asfour.
    The Holy Lands (A Whole Population of Poets), a short docu-fiction by Tareque Elsharquawy, 2019
    Engy Mohsen and Sarah Maher, The Pilot Room, one part of Chatrooms: On Curating Spaces, Curatorial Research Project and a Publication, 2019. Courtesy of the artists.
    Alaa Abu Asad and Ulufur Celik, I Love It When Translation Can Be Found to Agree With Our Weird Desires, publication (work in progress), 2019.
    Adagio, photograph by Petra Serhal, 2018
    Still. Courtesy Noor Abed and Mark Lotfy
    Lydia Ourahmane, In the Absence of our Mothers, 2018. Commissioned and produced by Chisenhale Gallery, London. Photo by Andy Keate.
    Sara Sallam, The Fourth Pyramid Belongs To Her, 2018
    Ash Moniz, poster for the exhibition In the Anticipation of a Future Need to Know at Townhouse, Cairo, 2017
    "Déplacement", 2015 by M.Alzghair. Photo by Dajana Lothert.
    Organic, 2013. Photo by Yasmine Elmeleegy
    Nile Carnaval, film still, 2011. Photo Credit by G.Galic and G.Gredig
    Drawings for multi-media installation "The Complicated Songs", 2016. Photo Credit: S.Hamdy.
    Tracing a Surface, film still, 2013. Photo by A.Moniz
    "Commuting", Mediterannean Sea, 2016. Photo by B.Remli.
    Material for book, Stop Here for Happy Holidays, 2017. Photo by Karine Wehbé.
    Khouloud Yassine, "Heroes - Surface of a Revolution", 2017. Credit: G.Demarque.
    Seeds from the Zoo, book, 2016. Photo by B. Dunne
    A Corner in the World festival, Istanbul 2016. Photo by the festival team