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  • Alaa Abdullatif with Sandra Straukaite, improvised soundscape. Credits: Nile Sunset Annex.
    "Free Radicals", choreography by Doa Aly, performed by Noura Hassanein with score by Alaa Abdullatif
    A site specific environment - An oasis- on rooftop of the Windsor Hotel.
    The Cairo Bats artists collective with Marnie Slater re-presenting "By Written I Mean Made". Credits: Nile Sunset Annex.
    Reading from the "Lotus Notes", a series of writings on the Afro-Asian Writer's Association's periodical Lotus.
    Keith Hennessy's "sculpture activator". Credits: R.Scagliola and M.Meier.
    "Samouraï" d'après Japonese Grotesque by Valeska Gert. Credits: R.Scagliola and M.Meier.
    Myriam Lefkowitz introducing her movement session. Credits: R.Scagliola and M.Meier.
    Downtown Cairo. Credits: E.Narbutaité.
    Rico Scagliola and Michael Meir's intervention.
    Screening of Roy Samaha's 2014 film 'A secret of Secrets. Credits: L.Wetmore.
    Reading of 'By Written I Mean Made'.
    Sandra Straukaite imagined atelier with Egyptian tailor Mr.Gameel.
    Final Party with Aross Aringa.