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  • Petra Serhal
    Adagio, photograph by Petra Serhal, 2018
    Belladonna (USA)
    Iman Mersal, The Displaced Voice. Belladonna, chaplet #232, New York, 2018.
    Noor Abed (PL)
    Still. Courtesy Noor Abed and Mark Lotfy
    Engy Aly (EG)
    Weltformat. Courtesy Engy Aly.
    Lydia Ourahmane (AL)
    Lydia Ourahmane, "In the Absence of our Mothers" (2018). Commissioned and produced by Chisenhale Gallery, London. Photo: Andy Keate.
    Mithkal Alzghair (SYR)
    "Déplacement", 2015 by M.Alzghair. Photo Credit: Dajana Lothert.
    Yasmine Elmeleegy (EGY)
    "Organic", 2013. Photo Credit: Y.Elmeleegy.
    Goran Galic and Gian-Reto Gredig (CHE)
    From "Nile Carnaval", 24' min, 2011. Photo Credit: G.Galic and G.Gredig.
    Sara Hamdy (EGY)
    Drawings for multi-media installation "The Complicated Songs", 2016. Photo Credit: S.Hamdy.
    Ash Moniz (CAN)
    From "Tracing a Surface" video, 2013. Photo Credit: A.Moniz.
    Btihal Remli (MAR)
    "Commuting", Mediterannean Sea, 2016. Photo Credit: B.Remli.
    Karine Wehbé (LEB)
    Material for book "Stop Here for Happy Holidays", 2017. Photo Credit: K.Wehbé.
    Khouloud Yassine (LEB)
    Khouloud Yassine, "Heroes - Surface of a Revolution", 2017. Credit: G.Demarque.
    Bryony Dunne (EGY)
    "Seeds from the Zoo" book, 2016. Photo Credit: B.Dunne.
    Fatih Gençkals (TUR)
    "A Corner in the World" festival, Istanbul 2016. Credits: A Corner in the World.
    Arab Cities: Changing Places, Changing Societies

    A series of public meetings between architects, urban planners, and novelists aiming to create a dialogue between city planners and users about their perceptions of Arab cities today. 

    The De-colonizing Architecture project "Not New Now"

    This project took the form of a one-month residency in Marrakech and investigated intersection among historical urban fabric, sociopolitical spaces, and cultural environments by interacting with the history of places and their contemporary inhabitants (or potential inhabitants). 

    Mada Encounters

    Those seminars sought to identify new terrains in the production of alternative historical narratives, in opposition to the limited and exclusionary dominant narratives of Egyptian national history.

    Intensive Dance Summer School

    During this summer school, Palestinian and international dancers developed their technique and theoretical skills. With the aim of supporting the rise of a new generation of Palestinian contemporary dancers, this two-weeks workshop culminated in a small festival open to public.