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  • Joe Namy
    "The stage, a staircase, the dance floor, a fountain, the curtain, a door, some plants and music" (2017), courtesy of the artist. Installation view. Photo credit: Mahmoud Merjan.
    Marnie Slater
    "By Written I Mean Made", 2016 featuring Clare Noonan, Hanaa Safwat, and Jay Tan. Photo Credit: Mahmoud Merjan.
    Nile Sunset Annex
    "Dreams Duplicates and Display Paraphernalia" (2013-2017), courtesy of the artists. Installation view. Photo Credit: Mahmoud Merjan.
    The Dwarfs of East Agouza
    Concert with Maurice Louca, Sam Shalabi, and Alan Bishop. Photo Credit: Mahmoud Merjan.
    Jean-Pascal Flavien
    "Los Angeles Models" (1999-2001), courtesy of the artist, Catherine Bastide, Brussels, and M. and Mme Cooreman. Installation view. Photo credit: Mahmoud Merjan.
    Josephine Foster with Victor Herrero
    Concert with Josephine Foster and Victor Herrero. Photo Credit: Mahmoud Merjan.