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  • Update September 14, 2020


    We have so far received 199 donations totaling 91,048 euros.



    Update September 7, 2020


    We have so far received 196 donations totaling 90,715 euros.



    Update September 2, 2020


    We have so far received 192 donations totaling 86,131 euros.


    We are closing this fundraising campaign on September 18 and any transfer sent after that date will be donated to Megaphone, Lebanon’s leading independent news outlet.


    We have been made aware of several fundraising events and actions which announce Mophradat’s initiative as its beneficiary. We ask that anyone planning such a campaign contact us prior to announcing any such action to request our endorsement. We also urge members of the public to contact us to confirm our link to such campaigns.



    Update August 24, 2020


    We have so far received 169 donations totalling 45,797 euros.



    Update August 17, 2020


    We have so far received 148 donations totalling 35,433 euros.



    Update August 12, 2020


    We will announce priorities and methodologies for the use of donations in the coming weeks, after conversation with people from the art communities in Beirut, and as the landscape of needs and support becomes clearer.


    We will direct 100% of donations to arts individuals and institutions while keeping in the spirit of our mandate, to support artists and thinkers, feminist and queer people and initiatives, and provide tools to help sustain practices rather than focus on individual projects.


    We will clearly announce the procedures in the coming weeks along with the amount of donations received.


    Please note that we cannot receive donations earmarked for specific artists, organizations, or initiatives, but are eager to receive suggestions on where support is needed.